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By Rockoff Center
September 29, 2015
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Laser Hair Removal  

Say goodbye to waxing, shaving or plucking with laser hair removal treatment.

While shaving might seem like a normal part of our routine it doesn’t make it any less annoying when we realize it’s time to shave that Laser Hair Removalstubble again. Whether you’re tired of dealing with different at-home methods for removing that leg hair or if you want to bear that bikini without worrying that you missed a spot, getting laser hair removal from Dr. Alan Rockoff, your Andover dermatologist can give you that smoother skin you’ve been looking for.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Ever notice a patch of long hair that you just happened to miss after shaving your legs or face? Wish you never had to deal with that again? With laser hair removal now you won’t have to worry about leaving behind patches of long, unwanted hair. This treatment offers better precision when it comes to targeting and removing unsightly hair.

Furthermore, most patients will experience a significant reduction or permanent loss of hair after these sessions. Permanent hair removal is not possible through simple waxing or shaving alone.

Laser Hair Removal in Andover

Before your procedure, we will trim the unwanted hair down to the skin’s surface. Then we will adjust the settings of our laser system based on the color and thickness of your hair. Then a special gel will be applied to the skin. The gel helps the laser penetrate the skin and target the hair follicles. Then your Andover dermatologist will direct the handheld pulsing light over the treatment area.

After your laser hair removal treatment, you may be given ice packs or an anti-inflammatory cream to help reduce any discomfort. Laser hair removal can take anywhere from a couple of minutes up to an hour, depending on what area of the body is receiving this treatment. Areas such as the upper lip or chin will require less time than legs or back.

Many patients can achieve the results they want in two to six separate sessions. Each session is scheduled about four to six weeks apart.

Ready to get supple skin without worrying about waxing or shaving? Then it’s time you considered getting laser hair removal from your Andover dermatologist Dr. Rockoff. Call The Rockoff Center for Dermatology Laser & Skin Surgery.

By Rockoff Center
September 29, 2015
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Earlobe Repair  

Find out if an earlobe repair from your Brookline dermatologist is the right treatment for you.

About 83 percent of the American population has their ears pierced. While many people will get a piercing without any issues there are Earlobeothers who are a little less fortunate. Sometimes an earring can cause some less than desirable problems for your ears. The piercing may become stretched or torn while others many develop keloids (thick scars). If your piercing has caused earlobe problems then find out if Dr. Alan Rockoff, your Brookline dermatologist may be able to help you.

Reasons for an Earlobe Repair

Direct trauma or too much weight on the earlobe can cause the sensitive soft tissue to tear. An earlobe split is not only unsightly but can make it impossible to wear jewelry.

Also, certain genetic structural abnormalities, a buildup of keloid scars and certain surgical procedures can affect the shape and aesthetics of your earlobe. But earlobe repair is one of the best ways to reconstruct the soft tissue of your ear to restore the shape of your ear.

What to Expect During My Earlobe Repair

The majority of earlobe repairs can be performed by your Brookline dermatologist in under 45 minutes or less. This procedure is done under local or topical anesthesia to numb the treatment area prior to your surgery. Standard earlobe repairs will require us to make a small incision on the earlobe and reshape the skin to create new, defined edges.

Any excess skin or scarring will also be removed during your procedure. While this surgery will require stitches, scaring from your repair will be minor. You will follow-up with your Brookline dermatologist one-two weeks after surgery to make sure everything is healing properly.

Ready to find out if earlobe repair could improve the overall appearance of your ears? Then it’s time to schedule a consultation with your dermatologist Dr. Rockoff at The Rockoff Center for Dermatology Laser & Skin Surgery in Brookline. Even small issues can seriously affect your appearance. An earlobe repair could help!

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