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By Rockoff Center
November 20, 2015
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Wrestling  
Keep your skin healthy while still enjoying this high-contact sport.

You may not really have thought about it before but since wrestling involves a lot of skin-to-skin contact it seems only obvious that skin problems may occur. Fortunately, it’s easy for your Brookline dermatologist Dr. Alan Rockoff to help you prevent these skin infections from happening in the first place. It’s important that families, coaches and players all know the risks of skin diseases and wrestling so that they can protect themselves. Here are some quick tips to protect wrestlers.

Examine your skin

You know your body best; therefore, it should be easy for you to be able to tell when something just isn’t right. This means that you should self-inspect your body everyday to check for anything that might be suspicious: a red patch, irritated or itchy skin, peeling, cracking, scratches, etc. If there is something that seems wrong then it’s time to turn to your skin doctor in Brookline for the answers.

Take a shower

Right after your game it’s important that the very next step is to wash away those germs that can get into the skin and cause some serious issues. When it comes to the type of body wash you use an antibacterial cleanser is best since it will target and kill the bacteria on the skin and prevent it from growing. Be sure to also dry off thoroughly after showering (particularly the feet, where fungal infections can form).

Don’t share equipment

It may seem easy to lend out socks, shoes or even headgear to fellow wrestlers. You may think you’re being nice by sharing your equipment but you may both be sharing more than you bargained for. This is one of the easiest ways to spread infection. From here on out, keep your gear to yourself.

Clean your equipment

It’s also important that you clean your gear after every use. This also includes clothing like shirts and socks. You should not be wearing dirty workout clothes more than once. This is another way to develop a skin infection. After every practice or game make sure your clothing and gear goes straight into the wash when you get home to avoid any potential skin problems.

Protect wounds

Sometimes scratches and cuts happen. If you have any open wounds it’s important to prevent germs from getting inside the skin. This means bandaging these areas or considering wearing a full-length rash guard to prevent how much skin-to-skin contact happens during your wrestling match.

Whether you are experiencing signs of a skin infection or you just want to find the right acne treatment, trust the experts at The Rockoff Center for all your dermatological needs.

By Rockoff Center
November 19, 2015
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Laser Hair Removal  
Find out if laser hair removal is the right cosmetic procedure for you and your skin.

There is a reason why more and more people are turning to their Andover dermatologist Dr. Alan Rockoff for laser hair removal. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce unwanted and unsightly hair for the long term. So, how do you know if you are right for laser hair removaltreatment? Find out what makes someone a good candidate for laser hair removal.

Signs that You May Be Ready for Laser Hair Removal

If you meet most or all of these factors then it’s time to take the next step and find out how your Andover skin doctor can help:

You know that laser hair removal results will vary from patient to patient

While other patients may get the results they want through laser hair removal the best results tend to occur in those with dark hair and light skin. This doesn’t mean that those with darker skin or lighter hair can’t always get hair removal it just means that the results may not be as effective as for those with dark hair.

Also, you’ll want to refrain from shaving for a couple weeks before and after your laser hair removal so it gives hair time to grow back in. That way, when you come in for hair removal there is more hair to actually target and remove.

You have dark hair and light skin

We know this was mentioned above but it’s important that you understand how laser hair removal in Andover works. It targets melanin, the substance responsible for giving color to our hair and skin. Therefore, it only makes sense that this cosmetic treatment is better used to target dark hair and lighter skin. Fortunately, there are also lasers out there that can treat both those with light hair and those with dark skin. Just know that those with grey hair or very light blonde may not get the results they want.

You want to keep unwanted hair away for longer periods of time

If you are tired of plucking, shaving and waxing and want to have hair that stays away for much longer then laser hair removal is the right option for you. While this procedure won’t permanently remove hair it can greatly reduce both the thickness of the hair and how much grows back in after each treatment.

You can handle the sensation of a rubber band snapping on your skin

It’s important to note that when getting laser hair removal you will feel certain sensations. They may feel weird while for others they may be a bit uncomfortable. Many liken the sensation to the feeling of a rubber band against their skin. But our goal is to always minimize your discomfort so talk to us.

If you want to say goodbye to unsightly hair then it’s time to turn to laser hair removal at The Rockoff Center. Call our office today to schedule your first session with us.

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