By Alan Rockoff MD LLC
February 20, 2015
Category: Dermatology
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Do you got hair in unwanted areas that, no matter how much of it you shave off, keeps seeming to come back stronger and longer than before? If so, don't worry, as many Americans today have that same problem-- but there is a solution awaiting you.

At The Rockoff Center, you'll find the precise answers you've been looking for for overcoming all of your excess hair growth, as AlanLaser Hair Removal Rockoff, MD, LLC, and his trusted dermatologist associates on site make it their goal to rid your entire body of any excess hair you may have.

One of the leading hair removal treatments available from Dr. Rockoff is laser hair removal, which offers a safe, quick way to zap any unwanted hair for good. The effectiveness of the lasers used for the technique is markedly better than many of the other options available for long-term hair removal, and it is a non-invasive surgery with little to no downtime after the procedure.

Unfortunately, there are some common misconceptions about laser hair removal surgery, which include:

  • It won't treat all skin types
  • The hair that's been wiped out will eventually come back
  • It can lead to unwanted and lingering side effects in the treated area

While each of these misnomers are as unfounded as they are foolish to continue believing, many potential laser hair removal patients are turned off by them enough to do without the surgery altogether in favor of alternative options. Unfortunately, many of the other options out there are both ineffective and costly, as over-the-counter hair removal treatments don't have nearly the same success rate as laser hair removal surgery done at The Rockoff Center.

For more information on laser hair removal in the Brookline, MA area, give one of the helpful dermatologists at The Rockoff Center a call today at (617) 731-2390 for the hair-removal answers you've been looking for!


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