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By Rockoff Center
January 26, 2016
Category: Dermatology
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Modern dermatology has made it easier than ever to look great and feel even better. Countless treatments are available to improve your skin, reverse the effects of sun damage and even remove wrinkles and lines. Chemical peels give you a clear, even skin tone to create a chemical peelsstrong foundation for your natural beauty.

What are chemical peels? 
Chemical peels, normally applied to the face, neck or hands, help improve the appearance of the skin. The chemical solution gently exfoliates the skin, causing it to peel off. This process generates new skin, which is smoother and less wrinkled than the skin before. Chemical peels come in three strengths: light, medium and deep. Your doctor can help determine which peel is best for you based on the condition of your skin.

What can chemical peels treat? 
Chemical peels give a generally brighter, more even skin tone. They can also be used to treat the following conditions:

  • acne scarring
  • crows feet
  • aged skin
  • sun damage
  • sagging skin
  • wrinkled skin

Chemical peels work best on those with fair hair and skin. Chemical peels should not be preformed on nursing or pregnant women, those individuals taking certain medications like Accutane, those using certain prescription skincare products or people who have skin conditions like eczema or rosacea.

What can I expect during the procedure? 
Different types of chemical peels use different kinds of chemicals. Your doctor applies the chemical solution to your face using a cotton ball or gauze. During a light peel, a neutralizing solution helps remove the chemicals from the skin when the treatment is over. If you choose for a deep chemical peel, your doctor gives you IV fluids before the procedure. Your heart rate is also monitored. This procedure usually happens in several segments over the course of about an 90 minutes.

After the procedure, you are expected to follow your doctor’s instructions on moisturizing and cleansing your skin. You should stay out of the sun for at least a week after the peel as your skin will be very sensitive to UV light. Deeper chemical peels require longer healing times.

For more information about chemical peels, please contact Dr. Alan Rockoff, MD at The Rockoff Dermatology Center in Andover, MA. Call (617) 731-2390 to schedule your chemical peel appointment today!

By The Rockoff Center for Dermatology, Laser & Skin Surgery
April 27, 2015
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Chemical Peels  

Chemical PeelsIf your reflection in the mirror looks a little more fatigued or timeworn than you'd like, chemical peels can help rejuvenate your skin.

Chemical peels are a popular, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that help to invigorate the skin. A solution is applied to the face in a dermatologist's office, which encourages the damaged layers of skin to disperse, uncovering the pristine skin underneath. Your North Shore dermatologists are excited to offer this procedure to their patients.

What Chemical Peels Do

Chemical peels exfoliate the outer layers of facial skin that have been exposed to the sun or have signs of aging or scarring. With these layers cleared away, the pristine skin underneath is revealed. A consultation with your Brookline dermatologist will help determine which peel formula is best for your skin.

Once the course of peels is complete, your skin will look remarkably refreshed. Chemical peels not only even out skin tone and texture; they also reduce fine lines, fade scars, sun spots and other environmental damage, and improve the appearance of pores by unclogging them and reducing their size.

How Chemical Peels Are Applied

After you arrive at the Rockoff Center for Dermatology, Laser & Skin Surgery, you'll be prepped for the for your peel with a thorough cleansing of your face. Your Brookline dermatologist will then apply the peel to cover your face evenly. The dermatologists at the Rockoff Center are highly trained to know the precise time at which the peel should be removed for the best possible results. Afterward, a refreshing cream will be applied.

What Happens After a Peel

You may see some results immediately following your session. However, the new skin will be reddened at first, and you may experience some peeling as it heals. Your Boston dermatologist will instruct you on what kinds of creams or lotions you should apply during the healing process, which usually takes between 1 and 7 days. You may need one or more repeat procedures to get your desired results.

If you think you might benefit from a chemical peel, contact the Rockoff Center today for a consultation.

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