When I first came to the Rockoff Center I had painful cystic acne on my face and neck and Eileen Brosnihan quickly assessed my condition and history and prescribed a very effective treatment plan which cleared my skin completely in under 3 months. Following the clearing of my acne, I was recommended products for use on a regular basis by Image and Neocutis along with a series of chemical peels and dermasounds which were performed by Faye Jenkins and Mary Carpinito. As a result, today my skin texture as well as its tone has improved wonderously. My experts in skin care! Many thanks for all that you have done for me and for others.”

-Natasha D.

I have undergone laser hair removal treatments on more than 5 occasions without any results until I met Faye.  All previous sessions, including with well respected dermatologists, including short (less than 20 minute) sessions at low light intensity with no numbing cream administered.  I now realize why none of these treatments worked.  Without numbing cream, the doctor was unable to turn up the intensity of the laser sufficient to kill the hair follicle.  Also, the area lasered in the 20 minutes was not even close to actually covering the total area I had paid for.

Faye takes the time to do the necessary prepping to ensure she can turn up the laser intensity and therefore kill the  hair follicles.  She applies numbing cream for one hour prior to the treatment.  Although this is not glamorous or easy, it is effective.  She also takes the time to laser every square inch of the area I paid for which took up to three hours.  Again, not glamorous, but very effective.  I got my money’s worth.  After five treatments, I no longer have to shave my legs and that was my goal. The results have been amazing and I am thrilled to have found her.  She is a true professional and takes pride effectively helping her patients get rid of unwanted hair.

-A.D.     Boston, MA

I consulted with Nurse Faye on some troublesome spider veins I had on my knees.  She did a great job assessing my condition and outlining the procedure and its consequences.  She accurately set my expectations and took the time to answer all of my questions.  The actual procedures produced only mild discomfort and by following her instructions I recovered quickly.  I am pleased with the results and highly recommend Faye and The Rockoff Center.

-Sally M. in Newton, MA

Just to let you know that I am so pleased with your treatment and product selections for me.  Last year, I worked with another aesthetician from a  practice.  I kept buying expensive products with few results, but figured I would give it one last try.  Thus, I booked an appointment with you.  I am so glad that I did!  Your first recommendation to buy the Clarisonic Pro was very useful.  The device allowed my skin finally to benefit from the products. No more expensive products sitting on my skin unable to penetrate!  In addition, you selected some different products which worked very well.   I am also very pleased that the puffiness and darkness around my eye area has noticeably reduced. I didn’t think that was possible.  Thank you.


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